PROTEST, by Vàclav Havel

The ALLIANCE FOR NEW MUSIC-THEATRE will perform PROTEST, by Vàclav Havel, in a private audience at the Czech Ambassador's Residence, on September 26th, in public performance at the Robert Wilson House, on Sept. 28th., and in public performance at the Czech Cultural Center, in NYC, as part of the Havel Festival, on September 29th. After that, we  hope to move it into a regular run in DC (we're talking with the venue), before taking it to the Prague Fringe Festival, in 2017. In there somewhere, we'll introduce PROTEST as one piece in a touring rep of Havel pieces. PROTEST is a two character piece. I'm playing Stanek.

The ALLIANCE FOR NEW MUSIC-THEATRE's also at work on interesting, large scale, non-traditional music theater works (PROTEST isn't musical), for which we'll begin fundraising within the next several months.

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