New Headshots by Clinton Brandhagen

I love working with Clinton. He has an unparalleled eye for actor head shots targeted to casting’s needs. I waited a bit too long to refresh my older shots!

Early Post-pandemic Update

Phew! We’re coming through this thing at long last–at least in the United States, I know all our hearts go out to locales still struggling, at home and abroad–and, like you, I’m coming up for air, re-assessing the stalled progress on several projects that mean a lot to me, but have unavoidably been momentarily felled by the pandemic. Projects that were in the works are now in various stages of ‘hold,’ as collaborators and I re-negotiate with distributors, investors, and stars. I’d love to say more, but can’t, as of now.

I can say that I’ve been jumping into summer, scuba diving in the Caribbean (Grand Turk) and N. Carolina (wrecks about an 1:30 boat ride out of Beaufort), California (La Jolla cove), and soon to dive with the manatees, in Florida. I’ve also been road bicycling more than I have in years–especially rewarding has been riding in the Catskills and Shenandoah Valley–so I feel more fit than I have in years! It’s a great feeling.

I hope to update soon projects that are moving into production, so please do check in, occasionally. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have–be it about theater, film, tv, or scuba diving! Y0u can reach out via the contact form on this website, or just try me at I’d love to talk to you.

Peace –


Beaufort, N.C.

August Update

As you may know, I was fortunate enough to work at Tyler Perry Studios this month in a recurring guest star role on THE OVAL, one of the first tv projects to go into full production in the new era of Covid-19. TPS has put employee health and financial well-being above all other concerns by finding ways to put people to work, insist on strict protocols while doing so, and practice humane values that flow directly from Tyler Perry himself through the entire company: I have never felt more welcome as an actor, or as a personal guest, than at TPS! We were fed, entertained, given all the tools we need to work, and kept safe. It was a phenomenal experience.

Crew and cast housing at “Camp Covid,” the pop-up community built for the safety and peace of mind of everyone working on production at Tyler Perry Studios, in the summer-fall of 2020.

A week after returning home from TPS, I also had the good fortune to get away for some scuba diving, off of Morehead City, N. Carolina, with a group from Dive Connections, in Charlottesville, VA. I’ve done a lot of diving with these good folks and count Chip Earle, the owner of Dive Connections, as my mentor as a scuba diver. Marilou Maglione, a highly experienced scuba instructor, led our group on dives that included one of the most astonishing I’ve ever been on. The wrecks off of N. Carolina are numerous–representing hundreds of years of seafaring along the Atlantic coast–and the wildlife varied. We swam with giant barracuda, numerous Sand Tiger sharks, played with octopuses, and speared a few of the numerous flounder. It was a great trip I hope to repeat soon, perhaps in October.

Fishing vessels returning to dock at Morehead City, N.C., as we motor out at dawn to dive one of the wrecks that liter the seabed along the Atlantic coast.

Next up: as the Covid-10 pandemic eases off its summer peak in N. Carolina, I’ll be returning to projects on hold at Atlantic & Pacific Studios, in Burlington, N.C. Soon, too, we’ll get back on track on our film adaptation of the Vaclav Havel play, Protest. Other than that, audition requests are beginning to drift in again, and I’m back on the bicycle. I hope you’re well and that we’ll meet again soon, on set, in a rehearsal room, in the ocean, or at the bar!



Project Update, July 2020

This is how I’ve been social distancing during this ‘Summer of Covid’ Bicycling and donuts!

Phew! It’s been awhile! My heart goes out to all as we each negotiate our own relationship to the new world in which we find ourselves. We’ll get through this, as generations before us got through their challenges, if not without deep loss. I wish for us a rediscovery that binds us together as a world, nation, and community. In the long run, I remain optimistic that we will heal together.

As I write this in early July, I’m waiting to perform a recurring guest star role at Tyler Perry Studios, then shortly after that, perform a starring role in the feature film, Broken, directed by Dean Jones and produced by Atlantic & Pacific Studios. Progress has been stalled, by Covid 19, on our film adaptation of the Vaclav Havel play, Protest, to be directed by Petr Jančárek, and produced by my LLC, 47th Avenue Films, but we’re committed to making the project happen, not least because we need Havel more than ever. Looking further ahead, the 2020 (Re)evolutionary Season at Theater at Monmouth, in Maine, has been postponed to Summer 2021, and I remain slated to play Caesar, in Julius Caesar, Cymbeline, in Cymbeline, and Charlie, in Seascape. I’ve also completed writing the first draft of a pilot for an adventure tv episodic to be developed by Atlantic & Pacific Studios. These are all projects I’ve previously announced and have been delayed–as have all our projects–by Covid 19.

In non-industry news, I’ve taken up once again road bicycling, a sport I’ve pursued, off and on, since I was a tween. I even registered for the NY Grand Fondo, a 100 mile race that begins on the George Washington Bridge and winds its way up the west side of the Hudson to the peak of Bear Mountain and back to Fort Lee, NJ. Soon, I expect to be scuba diving once again, as well, hopefully finding opportunity to use my still-new certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, of which I’m more-than-usually proud!

Thank you for your interest in my work, and I hope you are finding satisfaction in yours, but also taking time to recharge. I look forward to meeting again, ‘on the Rialto,’ when we can.

Peace and butterflies,


First Recurring Guest Star!

I’m pleased to say that I’ve booked my first recurring GUEST STAR role on a prominent nationwide episodic! I look forward to saying more about it, closer to release.

Suddenly things are busy in my world: four episodes of an episodic, large supporting role across from star casting in a film now in pre-production, a three play season in Maine, our film adaptation of Havel’s PROTEST in preproduction, a faith-based film queued up for early autumn, and script in development for the remake of a favorite old tv adventure show. I’m grateful for the mix of work including acting, producing, and writing: each of these jobs makes me better at the others.

More, anon!