2023 by-by,”Hello,” 2024!

Another trying year in the life of the nation and world comes haltingly to a close and another begins, perhaps before we’re ready! While one’s heart breaks for those suffering under the weight of national, religious, and sectarian conflicts of all kinds, we each fortify one another by continuing creative work, renewing the springs from which we find communal hope and courage. I always hope my own work contributes to such continual renewal.

By way of update (reiterating earlier news):

Our film, ANOTHER LIFE, an inspirational biopic about a man born deaf who builds two, successful careers as funeral Director and stand-up comedian, is currently in post-production. The film is directed by Dean Jones, of Atlantic & Pacific Studios, and stars Kevin Sorbo, Chris Mulkey, John Boyd West, and myself. It looks great, our money is on the screen, and fingers crossed we’ll be in theaters in 2024.

In partnership with Uprising Global, we are in the final lap of developing a tight little spy thriller by a successful, well-known playwright, and are aiming for production in September, 2024, for a budget of $2-5m. We’ve been developing the script over a year or so, honing the idea and aligning resources for it. I’m thrilled with our progress and can’t wait to report more, as we get closer to filming.

In April, I pop down to Columbus, GA, to star in the Springer Opera House production of Tracy Letts’ THE MINUTES (details in the feed below), and anticipate a few friends joining us in the audience for what I think will transpire to be a great time, and special production.

On a personal note: after a fourteen year absence from skiing, I’ve returned to the hill–thanks to an extraordinarily affordable, ‘midweek’, season pass, and great deal on a full season ski rental–and am in the market, with my longstanding girlfriend, for a home in upstate New York. Who knows if we’ll be able to afford it, but we’re looking!

Still from , ANOTHER LIFE, currently in post-production

Brief Early Summer Update

Making movies involves so many moving parts, paperwork, and patience, that I’m amazed any of them arrive on screens, large or small! After all the typical travails, we are wrapping main photography for ANOTHER LIFE, starring Kevin Sorbo, Chris Mulkey, John Boyd West, and me. On another feature film project, we’re close to locking the script, which I hope will go out to casting soon, as long as SAG/AFTRA either does not strike or gives waivers to independent films that don’t have deals with AMTPT members, as ours does not. As I wrote below, I’ve been cast in the Springer Opera House’s Spring, ’24 production of THE MINUTES, which has been cast with industry and SOH veterans, for what will be Paul Pierce’s final show, as he retires (I’m looking forward to a joyful send-off celebration!) Actor-writer Joachim Moore, based currently in Palm Springs, CA, has asked me to direct his next one-person show, after he and I discovered how sympathetic our artistic imaginations are to each other, when pow-towing on his current show, MEDGARXJAMES, which he’ll be performing in Seattle, this fall (I will post dates and venues as they’re locked.) On the personal front, my girlfriend and I are looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime live-aboard scuba diving safari in The Maldives, this October, and we’ll be in the water a bit before that, checking out our gear and keeping up skills.

This is maybe the most fruitful era of my life so far as an actor and writer: having achieved a stable professional platform from which to work–now able to count on trustworthy, creative collaborators, and with enough work to keep me afloat financially–I’m feeling just ‘safe enough’ to enjoy projects more, and, deliciously, take the time to explore more the ‘story I’m telling’ as an artist, deepening my work. For me, having collaborators whom I trust, and trust me, makes all the difference. More, anon.

Thank you for checking in.

Next Spring at The Springer!

I’m delighted to say I’ll be playing Mayor Superba in Tracy Letts’ THE MINUTES, next year at The Springer Opera House, in a production directed by Paul Pierce, who directed me as Nixon, in FROST/NIXON, way back in 2012. This will be Paul’s ‘swan song’ as Artistic Director of The Springer Opera House, which he turned into a real force in regional and educational theater, over a long and protean career. He runs a wonderful company full of people whom I adore. I’m honored and thrilled to be returning in such a terrific play, which I loved, in its Broadway run. It’s a terrific ensemble show, featuring some veteran actors of stage and screen, that we’ll be doing in an intimate, 300 seat space, which I think is perfect. Please join us if you’re in the Atlanta area next April.

Now working with STW TALENT AGENCY

I’m happy to announce that I’m now represented by Susan Tolar Walters and STW TALENT AGENCY in the northeast, southeast, and as far west as Chicago, in film, tv, and theater.

I continue to be represented in the Pacific Northwest by Ryan Artists. This is a strong team that well fits my needs, particularly as my profile rises with projects currently in production and development.

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