Havel's PROTEST, the film

I was sure the work we're continuing to do on the short Havel play, PROTEST, was going to become less relevant to our current moment since we first performed it, but clearly it's relevancy has grown more intense, to both my dismay and fear. There was a time when conservative Americans such as Paul Ryan joined liberals such as Barack Obama in recognizing the depth of Havel's thought, a time when both conservatives and liberals sought to live and work by the principles set out in Havel's essay, THE POWER OF THE POWERLESS., for Havel is nothing if not a small-d democrat, with great faith in small-l liberalism, and highly tolerant and generous about the mess and chaotic, weaving, often slow course of political change.  But, the current GOP has revealed itself to have modeled itself after Havel's 'Green Grocer,' the shop keeper who displays the ruling party's slogans with neither understanding nor belief, because s/he perceives making a show of towing the party line as necessary for survival. Only Mitt Romney, among current GOP leaders, has shown himself equal to the moment in the way Havel could have admired.

I'm more determined than ever to bring the film adaptation of Havel's PROTEST to the screen, and the sooner the better. We will continue to do private 'apartment performances' of the play, in NYC, and perhaps elsewhere, to raise money for our film. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting us or investing in the film.

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