Havel's PROTEST, the film

I was sure the work we're continuing to do on the short Havel play, PROTEST, was going to become less relevant to our current moment since we first performed it, but clearly it's relevancy has grown more intense, to both my dismay and fear. There was a time when conservative Americans such as Paul Ryan joined liberals such as Barack Obama in recognizing the depth of Havel's thought, a time when both conservatives and liberals sought to live and work by the principles set out in Havel...

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Four Picture Deal with Atlantic & Pacific Studios

I'm delighted to announce that I have committed to acting in four feature films by Atlantic & Pacific Studios, located in Burlington, N.C., specializing not only in horror and faith-based pictures, but also in tv and mainstream feature films. One of its projects we hope will be a film-adaptation of THE WINTER'S TALE. Please watch this space for news of other films going into production, one within the next month, if the stars continue to align.

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I'm now a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!

I am now a PADI-certified Scuba Instructor, certified to teach Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Dive Master, Nitrox, O2 Provider, and Emergency First Response. I'll add other specialties as I have time to complete courses.Not only can I now teach scuba, I can also go ahead with greater confidence in making films that feature water and involve scuba! I have more than one idea I'm working on.

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