It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a meaningful update. So, I’m happy to report that right now we are well into production of the faith-based film, ANOTHER LIFE, at Atlantic & Pacific Studios, directed by Dean Jones, starring Kevin Sorbo, Chris Mulkey, John Boyd Wood, Lance Montalto, and me. We anticipate wrapping main photography before June, with a possible premiere date of early September. ANOTHER LIFE is a bio pic about Danny Jefferson’s career in both undertaking/funeral homes and stand up comedy, two careers at which he excelled despite also being born nearly deaf. The film looks great, I’m pleased to say, and am happy with my own work in it playing the role of SARGE, a Vietnam vet with serious PTSD. I look forward to sharing more soon about both this film and other exciting projects afoot.

Set still of SARGE, in ANOTHER LIFE