A Word About Why No Updates!

It’s kill’n me, y’all! There are several delicious pots on the front burner on which I want to lift the lid to give folks a whiff, but not yet! I came to the conclusion a few years ago that the only way forward for me in entertainment, as an actor, was to expand my work to other aspects of the ‘business.’ So, to that end, I’m a producing partner on several film and tv projects, at present (one in which I have a modest financial investment, the others in which I have sweat equity). I’m not an actor in all of these, but I am in more than one, and I’m genuinely excited about them: e.g., one film has the best on-camera role that’s every been offered to me. I apologize for the ‘vague booking,’ but I had to say something in this space, because I’ve been silent in it, too long.

On the person front, 2023 is going to be a lot of fun, which I’ll pursue in spite of messes around the world that break my heart: especially the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the hopeful–but painful–popular uprisings in China and Iran. Early in the year, I return to Cozumel with my girlfriend to scuba dive, in order to give her some experience with drift diving, because we’ve pooled our pennies for a live-aboard dive trip, with a great friend leading, to the Maldives, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A wonderful aspect of diving is visiting far-off places. My most exotic trip, to date, was to the Galapagos Islands, more than a decade to go, a paradise of marine fauna to which I’d love to return.

I hope you also have plans to dive into creative work and adventure! I’ll tell you more about my own work, the closer we get to it!