• Mid-summer Update

    It's been a wonderful summer thus far: my girlfriend and I spent ten days in Alaska, recharging ourselves on nearly-endless day light, great seafood, and outdoor adventures such as hiking up the Exit Glacier trail to the Harding Ice Field, kayaking a backcountry lake, and whale watching. 

    Now I'm mostly back to work, starting rehearsals soon for PROTEST, by Vàclac Havel, in a production for The Alliance for New Music-Theatre and the Czech Embassy. I'm also making a two week trip out to Portland, OR, for a number of auditions arranged for me by my wonderful Portland agency, Ryan Artists, for national episodic series being shot in Portland as well as in Washington state. And this reminds me: I've recently decided to join SAG/AFTRA, for which I've been eligible for some time. I've been gratified by non-union work but... it's time.

    I'm also happily at work on my PADI Dive Master Certification, which will allow me to lead certified divers on dives, as well as teach a few specialty courses. 

    Needless to say, I like to stay busy.

    Peace Out,


  • My New Home on the Web!

    Welcome to my much better-looking, easier-to-navigate, modernized, updated, and all around beautified website! Many thanks to Amy Russ, a successful film and tv actor in NYC who has also built an impressive business of website design for actors. I couldn't be happier with Amy's work, not least because she was enormously patient with me, as I waffled about design decisions along the way (nearly always bouncing back to her original suggestion.)

    Going forward, I'm hoping to update this news page regularly--say, at least once every two weeks, probably more often--as well as contribute more regularly to my recently-revived blog, NOTES ON ACTING. My NEWS page will consist primarily of professional updates. NOTES ON ACTING will continue to range widely to any subject that catches my eye.

    Acting is only one project in my current portfolio. I'm also actively working on an original screenplay (I keep succumbing to distractions, but am making good progress; I hope to start the second draft soon), and have taken up scuba diving again. I'm now enrolled in a course that will PADI certify me as a DIVE MASTER, which will allow me to lead certified divers in a resort or instructional setting, assist PADI INSTRUCTORS in teaching Open Water certification courses, feel more secure about my own diving skills, and understand better the management and safety challenges of working with divers on a movie set, which is important, because diving is featured in my screenplay.

    On top of all this, MY summer's off to an excellent start! I'm road bicycling frequently, indoor rock climbing, diving, and will soon head off to Alaska for a two week vacation, before coming back to NYC to rehearse PROTEST, by Vàclac Havel, for the Alliance for New Music-Theatre (see below).... 

    Whenever I complain to my Mom, she says, "David, you say you like to keep busy," I then remember she's right. So, all's good, on my end! I hope it is on yours, as well.

    Peace Out,


  • PROTEST, by Vàclav Havel

    The ALLIANCE FOR NEW MUSIC-THEATRE will perform PROTEST, by Vàclav Havel, in a private audience at the Czech Ambassador's Residence, on September 26th, in public performance at the Robert Wilson House, on Sept. 28th., and in public performance at the Czech Cultural Center, in NYC, as part of the Havel Festival, on September 29th. After that, we  hope to move it into a regular run in DC (we're talking with the venue), before taking it to the Prague Fringe Festival, in 2017. In there somewhere, we'll introduce PROTEST as one piece in a touring rep of Havel pieces. PROTEST is a two character piece. I'm playing Stanek.

    The ALLIANCE FOR NEW MUSIC-THEATRE's also at work on interesting, large scale, non-traditional music theater works (PROTEST isn't musical), for which we'll begin fundraising within the next several months.

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