• Travel Update

    Next week I'll be diving in Cozumel, keeping up some skills and memorizing lines when not diving, and then return to NYC for literally a few hours before flying to Colorado for an audition. After that, I'll be in NYC for a little less than two weeks before decamping for DC to rehearse PROTEST, which we'll perform in Miami, where I'll be four five days. Then, I'll be in LA for a few days, spending time with family,  hanging with actor friends, and maybe finding a couple of meetings. As always, I'd love to see you.

    When I get further details on tickets to the performances in Miami, I'll let you know. I'm proud of what we've done with PROTEST over the last two years.


    This evening, a wonderful group of actors--many of whom are my classmates in Krakower-trained Vance Barber's ongoing on-camera acting class--are doing a table read of my first cutting of THE WINTER'S TALE for a film adaptation, which I hope to shoot in Oregon, in the desert (Sicilia) and on the coast (Bohemia). I have no idea from whence the $300,000 I'll need to shoot this film will come! But, so far the project is already worthwhile, as I delve deeper into an understanding of why this play grips me as it does, and as acting friends come out to play with it!
    Our next step will be to write a budget from the next version of the script--which will be the product of tonight's table read--and, then, put together a fund raising campaign, which we'll anchor with social media and a website. I established an LLC, '47th Avenue Films,' both for producing THE WINTER'S TALE and, I hope, future films, for which I already have several ideas; e.g., I have a lifetime attraction to what critic Stanley Kaufman used to call "the physical culture," which is the world of outdoor recreation and athletics around which I grew up, and have often lived,  for which I have respect and love, and  about which I'd love to make some little films.
    As Paulina says, "it is required you do awake your faith."

  • Now a PADI Divemaster

    I'm now a PADI-certified Divemaster and Assistant Instructor Candidate. "Divemaster" is a professional certification allowing me to lead certified divers on dives, instruct refresher courses, and assist in teaching Open Water Diver courses. I started the Divemaster program for two reasons: 1) to become a better diver and 2) be prepared to manage the challenges and risks of diving on film sets at which water scenes are being shot. I'm so happy with the results that I've immediately signed up to on to become a PADI Assistant Instructor. 

    In the near future, I hope to organize group dive trips to the Caribbean and elsewhere, as well as use my skills in film and tv, as the opportunity arises.

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