• Houston Workshop Postponed

    Unhappily due to Hurricane Harvey our workshop in Houston has been postponed indefinitely. On the other hand, none of my Houston friends or colleagues have suffered personal injury, despite some heavy property losses. They're all brave people and will come out well in the end.

    We'll reschedule as we can.

  • Next Up: Houston Workshop, late August

    I'll be in Houston during the last week of August to do a workshop and staged reading that we'll perform on the evening of Monday, September 5th. It's a play that's been around a long time, that I once understudied and have always wanted to do, and which a wonderfully talented faculty member at the UH Dept. of Theatre and Dance thought would be worth working on in her 'copious free time' at the top of the semester. We're gonna do it in a classroom space at UH. I'll name names and say more when we get closer.

  • Successful Productions in DC and Prague!

    The Alliance for New Music-Theatre put up a successful production of Havel's PROTEST this May in Washington, D.C., in the Dupont Underground's new art and performance space, underneath Dupont Circle. Our audiences, which were in no small part engaged actively in present day politics--either through jobs or simply by exposure as DC residents--were alive to Havel's character study of a man attempting to retain his privileges under a watchful totalitarian state while finding (not entirely successful) means to assuage his conscience. Post show talk backs were lively and reviews were terrific.


    The day after we closed in DC, the company flew to Prague and opened PROTEST at the Prague Fringe Festival, in another underground space, the tiny Cafe Misenska, for a nine performance run.


    Future plans are to tour PROTEST in the US. I'll post dates as they're confirmed.

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